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Why Work With Scaled?

Consistent Hours and Convenient Work

At Scaled, we prioritize providing our techs with consistent hours and a convenient work setup. Our techs work daily shifts from the comfort of their own home, servicing the specific US-based MSPs they were placed with by Scaled. This allows for a predictable schedule and the flexibility to balance work and personal life effectively.

Exclusive Focus on South African Tech Talent

Scaled exclusively works with South African tech professionals, and over the years, we have gained extensive experience in developing a seamless and rewarding remote work environment for the techs we place with MSPs. We understand the unique strengths and skills of South African tech talent, and we are dedicated to maximizing their potential in the remote work landscape.

Personalized Placement and Ongoing Support

We care deeply about our techs’ well-being and success. Scaled takes a personalized approach to match our techs with MSPs that not only need their skills but also align with their culture and work ethic. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to our techs, ensuring they have the resources, tools, and assistance they need to thrive in their roles. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities at Scaled.

Transparent & Trustworthy Management

With Scaled, you can trust that your HR, taxes, and payroll are managed directly and ethically. We eliminate gray areas and avoid dodgy employment practices by handling these matters diligently, ensuring a smooth and transparent process for our techs. You can focus on your work knowing that your employment matters are in reliable hands.

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