Customer Reviews

Here are just a few of the MSPs that we’re honored to
have served and helped succeed throughout the years:

“I’ve never had such an easy time hiring. Every candidate presented by Scaled were super stars and wanted to be there. On top of that I had a million questions and Michael never made me feel like a burden. I’m so glad to have found them!”

“We truly appreciate the professional and client-centered focus of Scaled. Their collaborative approach resulted in quality candidates and ultimately a wonderful addition to our team.”

“Scaled knows the quality of candidates our business looks for. They are in tune to the skill set that is needed before they present qualified candidates to us. The candidates’ resumes are impressive and it’s really nice to know that there are choices of top notch candidates being presented.”

“Scaled has been incredible, we have worked with a few companies that provide similar services but Scaled has been hands down the best experience. They make hiring easy by basically cutting through most of the painful legwork of not only searching for candidates but filtering out their skill sets and what they do or do not know.

When we began working with the team they suggested a handful of technicians that had the skillsets we were looking for. We found a perfect fit in Mtho who has been great! Mtho has strong knowledge in the IT Field as well as the important skill of just being relatable with the clients. He quickly adjusted to our clients and is never afraid of taking on something new and challenging. The onboarding process was super easy and they have enough checks in place to make sure their technicians and our team succeeds. We are excited to continue our partnership with Scaled and would recommend them to anyone.”

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