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What We Offer

Support Staff you can Count On

Our highly skilled staff and techs can provide technical and project support for all areas of your MSP. They offer a wide range of skills & expertise and are always willing to extend a helping hand to achieve your goals. Specializing in L2 and L3 techs, we understand your industry and won’t recommend the candidates we wouldn’t hire for our own MSP.

Better Quality Service without Breaking the Bank

Our well-spoken and highly skilled techs provide your clients quality service. With our flat monthly fees, your money will also go a long way – with no hidden charges and no surprises! You increase your profit margins while using strong technical talent.

You’re in Control

You have full control of deciding who will join your staff; job interviews, testing, hiring, training, directing, and daily management. You interview & hire exactly like you would with an employee in your town. We will follow any existing processes you use now (Technical exams, profile assessments, 2nd, interviews, etc.) We are the Employer of Record, taking care of all HR, legal, and tax issues.

No Language Barrier!

Our South African techs are native English speakers who are also familiar with our clients’ Western Culture. They ease into your team with no problem at all.

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Why Partner with SCALED

We provide support techs (Levels 1-3+) as well as dispatchers and project managers. Our pricing typically runs about half the cost of a similar employee based in the USA. These are full-time employees dedicated to your business exclusively.

Our employees typically need to give 30-day notice to existing employers. If on contract, it could be as little as 2 weeks. Please check with your Client Success Manager to confirm.

No. Scaled becomes the Employer of Record. We pay their payroll, taxes and deal with any HR issues.

We do not. We have found that many companies come back for more techs once they experience the skills, work ethic and attitudes of our staff.
There is a 90-day probationary period. We are in regular contact with both you and the employee during this process to ensure success. If there is a problem that can’t be resolved, you can terminate the agreement.
Like any locally hired tech, you’ll need to do training. Our techs often come with experience using ticketing and RMM tools but may not be trained on the ones you’re using. We do offer training opportunities to team members for industry standards (optional for you to have your tech participate).
No! We want you to be amazed by the talent we find. You don’t pay anything until an offer is made and the employee accepts the position.
Yes. We are incorporated in Delaware. We have an organization in South Africa to deal with Payroll, HR and any legal issues.
At Scaled, our goal is there is NO difference. Our techs become a full member of your team (with our support behind the scenes). Done correctly, the only difference between the techs is one happens to be working remotely.

How We Work

  • We understand your industry

    • If we wouldn’t hire them for our MSP, we won’t present them to you
    • We specialize in L2 and L3 Techs
  • You choose the techs you wish to hire. We are the Employer of Record, taking care of all HR, legal & tax issues.

  • Clients hire you because they want a consistent bill with great service. We’re the same. We take the same MSP approach to our business: Consistent bill, no surprises and ongoing support of the tech and your business.

  • You are in Control – From interviewing, testing, hiring, training and directing, you are in full control.

Our Process

Find – We interview, and test them before they are presented to you, background checks, and reference checks.

Interview – You choose who to interview based on resumes and introductory videos

  • Put them through the same process you do for your existing techs
  • You’re in control

Offer – Once you find a tech you would like to hire, we will extend a job offer.

Onboard – Once the offer is accepted, onboard them into our system (payroll, HR, etc.). We schedule a kickoff meeting with you and your team to review the job and help you build a 90-day success roadmap.

Support – We provide ongoing support to both the employee and you. Our success managers meet regularly with both the team members and you to ensure the success of the relationship.